Prepositions of Movement in English Grammar!

An aircraft is composed by many different parts such as wing, cockpit, slats, spoiler… Each part has each own function.

Parts of an aircraft & their functions:

1. Wing

Generate lift to hold airplane in air.

2. Jet Engine

Generate thrust to overcome the drag and to move in forward direction

3. Cockpit

Pilot sit here to control and command the plane.

4. Fuselage (Body)

Holds all parts together

5. Slats

To increase airplane lift during takeoff and landing

6. Spoiler

To reduce plane speed

7. Aileron

Roll the wings side ward direction

8. Flaps

Increase lift and drag of airplane during takeoff and landing

9. Elevator

Deflect the tail of the airplane up and down motion

10. Rudder

Deflect the tail direction to the left and right side

11. Vertical Stabilizer

To maintain the balance of the airplane from swinging side ward directions

12. Horizontal Stabilizer

To maintain the balance of the airplane from moving up-and-down

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