Either vs Neither: When to Use Neither vs Either (with Useful Examples)

Either vs Neither! The English words neither vs either can cause some problems for native and non-native speakers of English.

Either vs Neither

Neither Definition and Examples

1. Neither can also be followed by (one) of + group of two:

  • Neither of them is ready.
  • Neither one of them is ready.
  • Neither of us has any money.
  • Neither one of us has any money.

2. Neither…nor

Neither… nor is equivalent to not… either… or.

  • Neither  John nor Sophia will be there.
  • We brought neither tea nor coffee.

3. Neither is used like not… either.

  • I don’t speak English. Neither do I – (informal): Me neither.

Either Definition and Examples

1. Either can also be followed by (one) of + group of two:

  • Either of us could do it.
  • Either one of us could do it.
  • Either of you should know.
  • Either one of you should know.

2. Either… or

Either… or is used to offer a choice between two possibilities:

  • Either John or Sophia will be there.
  • We should bring either tea or coffee.

3. Not… either… or denies both possibilities:

  • I don’t think either John or Sophia will be there.

4. Not… either is used after a negative statement.

  • I don’t speak English. You don’t either.

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